Andrey Khovratov

  • Multidisciplinary professional investor.
  • Consultant for the preservation, augmentation and management of private wealth.
  • Author, founder and general director of the “Academy of a Private Investor”.
  • Creator and host of the “Secrets of millionaires with Andrey Khovratov” program;
  • The best trainer and business coach in financial and investment personal development in 2018 according to the MELON RICH and FINANCE TIMES magazines.
  • The best business coach, nominated in the “GOLDEN FEATHER” category according to the international NETWORK NEWS edition in 2004.
  • Chairman of the Investment Council and major general peacemaker of the “Worlds Generals – for Peace” Association. Awarded “Dove of Peace”, “Guarding the Peace” medals, awarded the Order of “BUSINESS GLORY” and the Order of “BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR” on the basis of statistical reports of the Federal Statistical Service of Russia, included in the “People of Our Millennium” encyclopedia – Included in the list of outstanding leaders of Russia , awarded in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
  • Author of the “New Economic Evolution of the World” concept.
  • Master in Realizing Dreams.