2nd “Invest-consultant + Profi-investor” stream completed!

Congratulations to the graduates of online learning, and a big thank you to everyone who worked on the creation and implementation of this project!

A long way has been passed – almost 900 people attended the course in a live format, most of whom received certificates in all 4 levels of education. In total: 31 sessions, 7 mentoring and 4 coaching meetings. Translations were made into ten languages and more than 100 training materials were prepared.

And although live training has been suspended for now, a video course is available for everyone. After passing it and successfully passing the test, you will receive the coveted Profi-Investor and Invest-Consultant certificate, and most importantly, invaluable knowledge.

The Academy of a Private Investor team continues to work on improving the programs and plans to resume the live learning format for all 4 levels (Profi-Investor 3, 2, 1 category and Invest-consultant) this fall.

Once again, we congratulate all the participants – you have done a great job, and now it is important to apply and work out all the knowledge gained in practice. We wish you to achieve all your goals and high results!

We will be grateful if you leave a review about the Academy of a Private Investor by filling out this form. Feedback is very important for project development.

Good luck to everyone in new achievements!