Evorich monthly wrap-up meeting

Are you trying to follow the development news of Evorich, but there are so many webinars, projects and news that you can hardly manage all the time so as not to miss anything really important?

Especially for you on Saturdays at the beginning of each month, we hold a meeting at which we summarize the main results of the past period and make plans for the future, share significant news, and also answer your questions.

This time we invite you to take part in the July 2021 Wrap Up Meeting.

Date and time of the event: August 7 at 15:00 Moscow time (UTC +3)

Meeting program:

  1. The most important events of July
  2. Statistics from the finance department
  3. Existing promotions to help you earn more
  4. Project news:
  • Private Investor Academy
  • Boxed version of the training “Genius of Finance”
  • KG Club Production
  • Personal account
  • NDE (Digital guarantees)
  • Payment system Global Unit Pay
  • Edu Cafe
  • EvoScent
  • Hearing impaired partner community
  • Fintech technologies and their future

Speakers Top leaders of the company, ambassadors and speakers of the Evorich ecosystem projects:

  • Andrey Khovratov – Author and General Director of the Private Investor Academy, author of the concept of the Economic Evolution of the World, multidisciplinary professional investor, consultant for the preservation, augmentation and management of private capital, the best coach and business coach in financial and investment personal development in 2018 according to Melon Rich magazine and Finance Times.
  • Artem Kabanov – Asset manager with 7 years of experience in this field, financial analyst, developer of strategy for working with mutual funds, has FSFR basic and 1.0 certificates.
  • Martial Niyonzima – Representative of the Council of Ambassadors, Vice President of the Affiliate Program, MS in Computer Science, International Speaker.
  • Rachel Robertson – Film industry professional with 23 years of experience (film and TV, reality shows, TV series, films), experience as production and post production coordinator, assistant producer and operations manager (Village Roadshow Studios Australia), screenwriter and director, certified in journalism (University Griffith).
  • Valeria Leonova – Project manager “Genius of Finance” (all formats), graduate of the training “Marathon MKI 260”, private investor.
  • Vasily Smolentsev – CEO World of Digital Communications, Limited Liability Company, expert in digital transformation #IT, #IoT, #SmartCity and #EduTech, consultant, trainer, coach for personal, team and business productivity.
  • Anastasia Kozhevnikova – Edu Cafe project manager.
  • Jose Manuel Alvarez Rodriguez – Representative of the Council of Ambassadors, Top-manager for the affiliate program, international speaker, Leader of the company in Spain.
  • Emanuele Baroni – Representative of the Board of Ambassadors of the company, Vice President for the affiliate program, mental trainer, training manager in Italy, international speaker.
  • Francesco Cannone – Responsible for the community of hard of hearing partners of the company, Vice President for the affiliate program, certified trainer of the Private Investor Academy, professional speaker.

Meeting presenter:

Nina Nhung Nkuen (Cam) – President of the Evorich Affiliate Program, a graduate of the “Master-Profi” training, has many years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency and real estate investments, Evorich Leader in Vietnam and America, a private investor.