Hurry up to pass the “Profi-Investor” and “Invest-Consultant” exam before the conditions of certification are changed

Today, investments are the highest level of financial literacy, which is achieved after obtaining certain knowledge and practical skills.

This is also understood by numerous clients of the Academy of a Private Investor who have paid for the “Invest-Consultant” and “Profi-Investor” programs of various categories. The students most motivated to change their lives have completed their studies, successfully passed the final test and have already begun to form their capital, confidently using the financial instruments studied in the program. And it was definitely worth it!

Unfortunately, not all students who decided to try themselves as a professional investor or investment consultant reached the final point and passed the exam.

We inform you that it is only possible to take the test with the current settings until July 1, 2022. After this date, the exam questions will be revised and supplemented, which means that the complexity of the test will increase and you will have to make more effort to get the certificate.

That is why now is the time to return to the program, take the test and get the certificate. Certificates are valid for 1 year from the date of issue and provide an opportunity to receive discounts, bonuses and gifts from our partners.

A few points for some categories of customers:

  1. Customers who have bought the program recording are trained and certified in the new API personal account. And those who studied during the 1 and 2  streams with live webinars can take exams in their classrooms using the GetCourse service.
  2. All intermediate certifications remain available for students who have open installments for training. Access to the final certification will be open only after the final payment.
  3. We would like to remind you about the program and the need to pass the exam to the participants of the EvoScent Program who paid for N.4-10 packages and received access to programs of categories 3 and 2 with a bonus. Your individual data with access to the program was sent to your email within a few days after paying for the package – find them and start studying.
  4. If you have just now decided to get high-quality knowledge of personal finance management and investing, welcome to the Profi-Investor and Invest-Consultant program! Join now to get your certificate before July 1st.

Learn the conditions and select a program

We wish you successful passing of the exam and we are waiting for you in the world of investments.