Technical analysis in trading will help you earn without limits

The long-awaited trading course will begin very soon, which will open up endless horizons for you to earn money – it all depends on your level of awareness of the market situation.

That is why this Wednesday, February 16 at 19:00 (Moscow time), expert practitioner Artem Kabanov will talk about the analysis of cryptocurrency according to a technical analysis strategy for effective entry and exit from a transaction.

Meeting program:

  • Analysis of cryptocurrency according to the strategy of technical analysis
  • News on group recruitment for the “Trading” course

Speaker and author of the course:

  • Artem Kabanov – Asset manager with 7 years of experience in this field, developer of a trading course, financial analyst, developer of the Strategy for working with Mutual investment funds, has the status of a qualified investor, certificates 1.0, 5.0.

The webinar will be held in several languages at the same time, follow the link to pre-book a place at the webinar:

Russian room

Spanish room

English room

Italian room

Join in, we are waiting for you!