Update of the VIP-club of a Private Investor

Dear partners, on August 1, you will see an updated and improved version of the VIP-club of a Private Investor. Now participation will be even more profitable and affordable.

What changes can be expected from August 1:

  1. New VIP-club STANDARD. Club members will receive an impressive discount on most of the educational courses offered by the Academy of a Private Investor, access to closed master classes and exclusive materials, as well as privileges to attend corporate events and coaching sessions. The subscription price for 1 year will be 50 UNT!
  2. A special super offer has been prepared for new users. Within 30 calendar days from the date of registration, each new partner of the Private Investor Academy will have access to the VIP-club BEGINNER product with a 30% discount! The subscription price for 1 year will be 35 UNT.
  3. Auto-renewal feature will be available. After the expiration date, you can reactivate the subscription manually, or turn on auto-renewal and the required amount will be debited from your account automatically.
  4. Do you pay for “EIP VIP-CRU INSTALLMENTS”? From August 1, participation in the VIP-club will become optional to pay for these goods, as well as to receive partner credits for their payment by your partners.
  5. The VIP-club applies only to the products of the Academy of a Private Investor and is paid only in the API personal account.

What will happen to current subscriptions:

  1. All subscriptions issued before August 1 are kept! For example, if you paid for the VIP-club on July 31, then you can enjoy all the benefits of the club until the end of the paid period (1 month from the date of payment).
  2. All auto-renewals will be reset. Active subscriptions will remain, but it will no longer be possible to renew the payment for the club on the same terms.

We are waiting for you in the new VIP-club on August 1!