Qualified host Premium

For those who are looking for an opportunity to earn extra money and want to bring financial literacy to the masses. You will have access to a course that will turn you into a host of the “Genius of Finance” training, not only receiving a host certificate and the opportunity to teach others, but also many exclusive bonuses!

What is included in the package:

  • “Genius of Finance” game box
  • Bag with logo
  • Special course “Training for hosts of the “Genius of Finance” (tabletop) game”
  • Qualified host certificate (conditions: successful passing of the certification test)
  • Auto funnel connection (only for certified hosts)

The link to the training materials will be sent to your email address specified when registering the API account within 1-3 business days from the date of payment.

*Shipping costs are included in the price of the item.

IMPORTANT! A letter with a form for specifying delivery data will be sent to your email and API PA personal messages after payment. Carefully fill out each field of the form for a successful and timely delivery of your training copy!

Price - 1025 $