“Genius of Finance” game training. Standard

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What is included in the package:

  1. “Genius of Finance” game box
  2. Bag with logo
  3. Training courses:
  • 8 rules of a private investor
  • Fundamentals of Capitalization. How 1 dollar turns into 1 million
  • Role of the balance sheet in private investing
  • Financial plans that allow you to retire in 4-8-12 years of your investment activity
  • Basics of creating a financial plan
  • Sources of filling the family budget
  • Main concepts in private investing. What is the difference between investments and investing
  • Concepts of investment market object and instrument
  • Investing – your path to financial success. Fundamentals of investing
  • 5 commandments of a private investor

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Price - 525 $
CLUB - 375