Problems of investors that the “Academy of a Private Investor” helps to solve

In the concept of cryptocurrency regulation recently proposed by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, residents of the country will be able to legally buy, sell and use cryptocurrency. However, strict regulation is proposed: all operations with cryptocurrencies would be carried out through Russian banks (and stored there), identifying the holders of crypto wallets and dividing customers into qualified and unqualified investors.

“The turnover of such financial assets will be regulated by the state with strict obligations for all participants in the professional market and an emphasis on protecting the rights of ordinary investors,” the statement says.

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Andrey Khovratov, the author and CEO of the Academy of a Private Investor, has repeatedly warned about the possibility of such restrictions being adopted by states for ordinary investors.

In connection with the general global trend of attempts to regulate the cryptocurrency market, special “Profi-Investor” programs were developed for the Academy’s clients.

The knowledge gained in these programs is fully consistent with today’s realities and further contributes to obtaining a certificate of a qualified investor of various categories (from 1.0 to 7.0) in authorized organizations.

While there is no exact information about what restrictions will be introduced for investors without qualifications, it is clear that it will happen.

In order to prepare for the regulations in advance, we advise you to take a modern program for the preparation of private investors from the “Academy of a Private Investor”, confirm your qualifications and get access to additional financial instruments for this.

You can learn more about the “Profi-Investor” program on the Academy website.