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The Academy of Private Investment is the North Star to guide you through the investment world.

Our mission is to educate at least 15% of the world's population on financial and investment literacy to help people from all walks become professional investors and continually increase their capital. This is one of the top online projects in the world working in investment education and training private investors since 2011. The founder of the academy, Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov, is a professional investor, in 2018 he received the award "Best coach and business trainer in private investment development” from the reputable Finance Time magazine. The goal of the project is to form a class of multidisciplinary investment consultants, from 10 million people around the world, focused on helping a billion people create capital over a million dollars. Learn more about the company

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Academy of Private Investment mentor Andrey Khovratov shares guiding principles for success ahead of new 'VIP-club' launch

Personal success mentor Andrey Khovratov is sharing some of his best advice ahead of the launch of the new "VIP-club" at Academy of Private Investment on August 1st

Private Investor's Club

This is a club only for dedicated clients of the Academy of Private Investors, created to give you the maximum value and opportunity.

Learn with the best, be the best!

Each club member receives a number of benefits in the form of:

  • discounts of 35% on Academy educational courses;
  • access to closed master classes;
  • access to exclusive materials from the Academy;
  • privileges to attend corporate events and coaching sessions.

Do you want to become a member of the club? Register right now and get access to your own personal account

30% discounts for new members over the first 30 days, kick things off with an advantage!

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Hurry up to pass the “Profi-Investor” and “Invest-Consultant” exam before the conditions of certification are changed

Today, investments are the highest level of financial literacy, which is achieved after obtaining certain knowledge and practical skills. This is also understood by numerous clients of the Academy of a Private Investor who have paid for the “Invest-Consultant” and “Profi-Investor” programs of various categories. The students most motivated to change their lives have completed their studies, successfully passed the final test and have already begun to form their capital, confidently using the financial instruments studied in the program....

2nd “Invest-consultant + Profi-investor” stream completed!

Congratulations to the graduates of online learning, and a big thank you to everyone who worked on the creation and implementation of this project! A long way has been passed – almost 900 people attended the course in a live format, most of whom received certificates in all 4 levels of education. In total: 31 sessions, 7 mentoring and 4 coaching meetings. Translations were made into ten languages and more than 100 training materials were prepared....

How to become a trader with unlimited earnings

Having learned trading, you can earn unlimited amounts – it all depends on your knowledge of this topic. Our expert practitioner Artem Kabanov will let you in on all the subtleties and details of this current profession. He will show you the whole way – from creating your exchange account to formulating a strategy for getting the maximum income. Learn more at the introductory online meeting on the topics of the “Trading” course on Thursday, March 24 at 17:00 (Moscow time)....

Trading: a course for earning

The trading course is a unique opportunity to learn how to earn unlimited amounts. It all depends on you and your knowledge in this area. Our expert practitioner Artem Kabanov will tell you how to learn how to use this tool correctly. All the way – from creating your exchange account to strategy and earning money – he will go through everything with you. You will learn about everything at an introductory online meeting on the topics of the “Trading”...

Perfect solution: payment by bank card is available on the Academy website

Today we reported that some foreign partners may experience difficulties with paying for the programs of the Academy of a Private Investor in their personal account and enabling alternative payment methods on the website of the Academy in the near future, which will allow users from all over the world to access training. So. Everything is ready! Now the Academy website has added the ability to pay for products with a bank card through the Quantum Clearance service....

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