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The Academy of Private Investment is the North Star to guide you through the investment world.

Our mission is to educate at least 15% of the world's population on financial and investment literacy to help people from all walks become professional investors and continually increase their capital.

This is one of the top online projects in the world working in investment education and training private investors since 2011. The founder of the academy, Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov, is a professional investor, in 2018 he received the award "Best coach and business trainer in private investment development” from the reputable Finance Time magazine.

The goal of the project is to form a class of multidisciplinary investment consultants, from 10 million people around the world, focused on helping a billion people create capital over a million dollars.

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The most effective private investor preparation education system

Teachers are practitioners with years of experience in & private investing from 5 to 23 years old

Convenient study schedule

Assistance in the selection and assessment of investment targets

Learn the secrets of building an investment portfolio

Certified trainers will share valuable experiences that have cost them years of trial and error. All material is unique and is presented in a concise and understandable form, accessible to everyone!

Unlock your potential

The knowledge that you gain can be applied in practice not only in the financial sphere, but also you will receive a surge of self-confidence and motivation to achieve all your goals and desires!

Put financial theory into practice

The author's "Genius of Finance" business simulator, developed by API experts, is as close as possible to the conditions of real life. It will allow you to take the first steps into the world of investments without risking your savings.

Get the opportunity to become a member of the Private Investors Club

Members of the Private Investors Club are provided with a discount of up to 70% on all products of the Academy, as well as being able to test the knowledge gained in practice, understand how the Global Investment Portfolio works, and gain access to closed masterclasses and exclusive materials of the Academy.

Popular programs



The Advanced Program “Profi Investor Category 2” includes the basic program “Profi Investor Category 3”.

4 courses
More detailed


The basic program “Profi-investor of the 3rd category”

2 courses
More detailed

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Academy of Private Investment mentor Andrey Khovratov shares guiding principles for success ahead of new 'VIP-club' launch

Personal success mentor Andrey Khovratov is sharing some of his best advice ahead of the launch of the new "VIP-club" at Academy of Private Investment on August 1st

Argumenty i Fakty

Financial advice from Andrey Khovratov: how to save money

Recently, more and more people are interested in the possibilities of effective investments and the topic of financial literacy.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Andrey Khovratov on the need to increase the level of financial literacy among the populous

Are you worried that the second wave of the crisis is now approaching?

Private Investor's Club

This is a club only for dedicated clients of the Academy of Private Investors, created to give you the maximum value and opportunity.

Learn with the best, be the best!

Each club member receives a number of benefits in the form of:

  • discounts of 35% on Academy educational courses;
  • access to closed master classes;
  • access to exclusive materials from the Academy;
  • privileges to attend corporate events and coaching sessions.

Do you want to become a member of the club? Register right now and get access to your own personal account

30% discounts for new members over the first 30 days, kick things off with an advantage!

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“Invest-consultant” is now in video format!

The world economy is undergoing a process of structural change. New investment sectors are emerging, while old ones are being transformed. In this regard, the market has become acutely aware of the shortage of investment consultants. If you have long wanted to master one of the most promising professions of the new decade, becoming a...

This will help you to upgrade your Profi-Investor category.

The 7th rule of a private investor states: always learn to invest. The entire team of the Academy of a Private Investor is in the process of continuous training, immediately applying the acquired knowledge in practice. And we share what really works and can benefit our listeners in our training programs.Therefore, we are constantly adding...

1 Essential Ingredient for Getting the Best Results

Want to know about one component of success that will maximize your personal learning outcome? Environment, learning in a group. Why it’s so importnat: Accompanying teachers. They will help you and push you towards the goal, even if you lack your own motivation. Strong environment of like-minded people. An environment where it is simply impossible...

Private Investors Club – your subscription to comfort

Dear partners, on August 1, we presented you an updated version of the VIP-club – a reduced subscription cost, exclusive discounts on the products of the Academy of a Private Investor, as well as many other useful and necessary benefits. In addition, you no longer need to pay for a subscription on a monthly basis...

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