About the company Academy of a Private Investor

Your guiding star in the world of finance and investments.


About the company

Educating at least 15% of the world’s population on Financial and investment literacy, so that the People of Planet Earth become Professional Investors and always grow their capital.

Implement the NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World) program in real Life, where each person can become a co-owner of innovative enterprises, goods and services they use.

It is then that we can all come together to the Abundance and Prosperity of every person in every country on all continents.

The Academy of a Private Investor is one of the best Internet projects in the world for investment education and training of private investors, since 2011. The founder of the project – Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov, is a professional investor, in 2018 he received “The best coach and business trainer in financial and investment personal development” award from the reputable magazine Finance Time.

Goal of the project – create a class of multidisciplinary Investment Consultants, at least 10 million people around the world, focused on helping a billion people create capital over one million dollars.

“The sooner you know everything about investing, the sooner you will get financial freedom!”

Since September 2011, our courses have been completed:

1 600 000






Our key principles

  1. Give the best knowledge in the field of investing and investments: how to preserve and increase a part of what you already earn, as well as give the best opportunities for your rapid financial growth.
  2. Increase the financial and investment literacy of most people at educational online and offline meetings, conferences and trainings, so that people can understand the science of investing: preserving and increasing their funds.
  3. Consulting on the selection of reliable and profitable instruments for your investment portfolio.
  4. Creation of investment portfolios with guaranteed high returns.
  5. Support for all our clients.

Our goals and objectives

  • Increase the financial and investment literacy of the population;
  • Show the planet’s inhabitants the way to financial freedom;
  • Educate multidisciplinary investment advisors and managers;
  • Help a million people create capital over one million dollars;
  • Give all listeners the opportunity to become members of the Private Investors Club and apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice;
  • Solve conflicts and alleviate social tensions in society, unite people.

Academy of a Private Investor Teachers

  • have experience in private investment from 3 to 23 years;
  • constantly learning new things;
  • share only practical experience;
  • conduct group lessons and accompany their students;
  • conduct individual consultations.

Authors and teachers

Andrey Khovratov

Author and CEO of the Academy of a Private Investor

Certificates 1.0 Broker and 5.0 portfolio manager

Multidisciplinary professional investor

The best coach and business trainer in financial and investment personal development in 2018 according to Melon Rich and Finance Times magazines

Valery Petrov

Member of the Supervisory Board at VTB Bank, Bank Vozrozhdenie, JSC Finam and more than 10 large companies

Deputy General Director at Moscow Exchange, SK Arsenal. CEO: Alliance Capital Management Russia, Ingosstrakh Investments

Successfully participated in organizing and conducting classic IPO, SPO, and digital ICO, IEO, IFO, IAO, STO, NFT

Artem Kabanov

Asset manager with 7 years of experience in this field.

Financial analyst.

Investment Consultant

Developer of a strategy for working with mutual funds

Studied A.M. Gerchik’s intraday trading strategy

Has 1.0 Broker and 5.0 portfolio manager Certificates

Tatiana Zhuravleva

Academy of a Private Investor and Genius of Finance Project Manager

Has FSFR basic and 1.0 certificates


Private Investor


Certified “Genius of Finance” host