Educational and investment Mix from the Academy of the Private Investor “Invest-consultant + Profi-Investor 1 category” (video course)

Price - 1,300 $



A unique offer from the Academy of Private Investment: a completely new approach to investment training, training of Professional Private Investors, and Investment Consultants at a special price. 

The package includes:

+ “Invest-Consultant” program:

The program was created to develop certain investment-progressive skills among those consultants or advisers who already work in the field of Finance, Stock, and Foreign Exchange markets, and would also like to get the greatest opportunities in the CrowdInvesting Industry and Crypto-Investment Technologies.

  • Theoretical knowledge (global financial markets, stock, and foreign exchange markets, blockchain technology market, crypto investment, and crowdinvesting).
  • Gaining practical skills in the already created markets of the NEEW ecosystem.
  • Opportunity to get a result 5-25 times higher than the result of traditional Financial Consultants or Investment Advisors.
  • Opportunity to reach a stable and constantly growing income from consulting and creating a personal investment portfolio in 3-15 months.

+ Who needs the Invest-Consultant course from the Academy of Private Investment:

  • already works in the investment, stock markets and foreign exchange markets and is ready to open up to new progressive areas in investment;
  • already works in the Multilevel Crowdinvesting system and in the Crowdinvesting market;
  • believes that investing and investment consulting can become life’s work;
  • heard about this program for the first time and wants to start studying a trend that is only gaining speed and in the next 5-15-20 years will remain one of the most promising and demanded;
  • experienced investors who have already created a source of stable million-dollar income, but have lost their passion or are looking for new experiences, acquaintances, and opportunities to expand their business, and also wish not only to learn innovative technologies in investing but also to become part of a team ready to share the “financial and investment pie ”in the hundreds of trillions.

+ Courses and lessons included in the program (theoretical knowledge + application in practice):

  • Fundamentals of Invest-Consulting
  • Specialization of Invest-Consultant, development prospects of the Profession for the next 2-10 years
  • What demand market will be for Investment consulting in 2-10 years
  • How to create and plan a Personal Brand with Invest-Consulting
  • How additional income from 50%-300% to your current salary or income is created
  • Smart Investing technology and how to show the client what you see in the offer when you offer any Invest Tools to a potential client, and how to use several options for the client to make a decision on their own
  • Top 10 Investment Markets to Work with Your Potential ClientsТ
  • What investment strategy technologies need to be shown in order to determine the level of the Investor and understand the Investment Strategy for the Client.
  • Risk Levels to be shown to the client in Decision Making.
  • Trading strategies in Investing that may be suitable for a client depending on what level of investor they are and what course they have taken as a Profi-Investor.
  • What are the pitfalls in working with clients?
  • Portfolio Strategies That Can Be Accepted By Clients And How To Work With Portfolio Managers
  • Digital Guarantees and Technologies of the New Digital Economy
  • Real Estate Markets and How to Work with Them in Investment Advice
  • Creation of a client base that will allow you to retire in 4-8 years with a sufficiently high income from your investments
  • Methodology for attracting clients in our regions
  • PR and Marketing, The Basics of Building a Rapidly Growing Customer Base.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins in Investing
  • The Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Motivational Presentations for Your Business
  • Creating a Business Plan for Your Life for the Next 50 Years.
  • Fast Start Algorithm. 

+ Exam

+ “Invest-Consultant” certificate

+ “Profi-investor 1 category” elite program (includes categories 2 and 3):

This program was created for those who:

  • has a great desire to learn how to invest, but does not know anything about it yet;
  • had negative experience in investing, but also wants to learn the science of investing in order to properly preserve and increase their savings;
  • had the experience of losing funds from unscrupulous companies or financial pyramids and would like to learn how to properly multiply and protect their savings;
  • has debts and wants to pay them off as quickly as possible and create another source of income in the investment business;
  • wants to learn how to create income from their investments from 15% to 35% per year with guaranteed safety of investments;
  • would like to understand and realize what it means to create 300% -1000% income on your investments;
  • wants to know what to do to create capital of $1 000 000 or more over a period of 5-10 years with the lowest risks and high security;
  • wants to learn to distinguish pyramid schemes and dysfunctional companies from really worthwhile offers and protect themselves from troubles and loss of funds;
  • wants to receive financial plans for all categories and levels of investors;
  • who are interested in studying the stock, currency, and cryptocurrency markets and learn how to manage their capital in these markets;
  • who are interested in what the modern financial system is and how to protect oneself from inflation, hyperinflation and global crises;
  • who is interested in why there are high yield programs and hedge funds and how to define them for their portfolio;
  • who are interested in learning how to work in the stock markets and create portfolios with high returns of 2-5% per month.

The Elite program includes 8 courses:

  • Investment basics
  • First steps in private investment
  • Advanced Private Investor Course, Stock Markets and Personal Wealth Portfolio Management
  • Global, public and corporate finance, the evolution of the creation of a modern digital decentralized policy
  • Foreign exchange market Forex: history and development prospects, benefits and risks for private investors
  • Cryptocurrency market and blockchain technologies, high profitability and risks for private investors
  • Venture market and business equity market
  • Globality in creating an investment portfolio: advantages, pros and cons

+ Bonus: a year subscription to the Club of private investors for free!

+ Test questions

+ “Profi-Investor 1 category” certificate

  • Format: independent study of the material in video format in a way most convenient for you, 4 mentoring sessions, access to program video materials for a period of 1 year from the date of payment.

Price change schedule:

from 12.01.2021 to 01.01.2022 989 $
from 01.01.2022 to 03.01.2022 1300 $
from 03.01.2022 to 04.01.2022 1700 $
from 04.01.2022 2000 $

Within 1-3 business days from the date of payment, a letter with further instructions will be sent to your e-mail.

  • Sender: Academy of Private Investment
Price - 1,300 $