Biggest Challenges for the Cannabis Industry in 2024

Cannabis Industry Financials

This notable undervaluation indicates the company’s significant profitability potential, further highlighted by an 11% upside by TipRanks analysts. Moreover, Green Thumb is an excellent vehicle to ride the cannabis surge, trading just under three times forward sales estimates. This sturdy performance is complemented by TipRanks analysts, who assign it a ‘strong buy’ rating and project a whopping 74% upside potential. IRB approval was obtained from California Southern University prior to data collection.

Cannabis Industry Financials

Research question 2: how do CRBs compensate for lack of Certified Public Accountant services?

  • These figures and regulations underline the varied tax structures states have adopted and the substantial revenues generated from these taxes.
  • One hypothesis is that compressing prices for cannabis material drives growers to decrease their cost of production.
  • In addition, the accountant may want to interview a Certified Public Accountant from a more mature state to get advice on how to competently proceed and minimize risk.
  • Core-stigmatized organizations are those for whom outsiders have a “perceived violation of social norms” and may be looked at unfavorably (Hudson and Okhuysen 2009, p. 134).
  • The median salary in the marijuana industry was reported to be $58,511 in 2019, which was 10.7% higher than the US median salary, underscoring the promising cannabis industry data on employment.

Another interesting follow up study could investigate organization stigma issues for Certified Public Accounting firms working in the cannabis industry. The cannabis sphere faces both industry-specific and broader economic challenges. Looking at the industry in particular, increasing competition from non-cannabis companies entering into the space is a major concern, as is the shifting landscape among start-up cannabis medical marijuana accounting firms that are jockeying for market share. The complex legal landscape also makes doing business difficult for cannabis companies. While cannabis remains illegal on a federal level, a growing number of individual U.S. states and territories have legalized marijuana for recreational and/or medical use. Though numerous bills have been introduced to make cannabis legal on a federal level, no such legislation has passed.

Cannabis Nutrient Lockout: Identifying, Treating, and Preventing It

Even with these solid fundamentals, Trulieve trades at forward sales and book multiples of 1.64 and 1.51, respectively. When asked to describe their cannabis client acceptance procedures, all five of the Certified Public Accountants working with the industry indicated that they try to get to know the client much like any other potential engagement. Table 12 summarizes the client acceptance procedures described by Certified Public Accountants that service the industry. We use tracking pixels that set your arrival time at our website, this is used as part of our anti-spam and security measures. Disabling this tracking pixel would disable some of our security measures, and is therefore considered necessary for the safe operation of the website. This tracking pixel is cleared from your system when you delete files in your history.

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The one exception to this rule is Verano Holdings, which does not have sales data going back that far. Nonetheless, CURLF remains the largest company in the cannabis sector, with revenue last year of $1.3 billion, which is also the highest on this list. Its price-to-sales ratio is the third highest, but in a sector already offering substantial risk, some investors may feel a more expensive valuation is worth it. Department of Health and Human Services recommended easing restrictions on marijuana in August.

  • As previously mentioned, in this chart, we can see an industry trend toward greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.
  • One important point to bear in mind is that the industry is constantly changing.
  • As of June 30, 2022, the Company has access to US$713.7 million under the 2021 Shelf Prospectus, including the balance of US$186.2 million pursuant to the ATM Program.
  • The onset of euphoric “high” effect by such edibles takes one to two hours, but the effect lasts longer than that resulting from inhaling smoke or vapor.
  • And they had no concern for the Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines—a global standard that was never intended to accommodate such a retrograde and illegal action.
  • Moreover, the best thing that I can say about the supply chain exasperations of the last years is that they appear to have not gotten worse.

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Because US marijuana companies are engaged in activities that are illegal on the federal level, there aren’t many publicly-listed US cannabis stocks on major exchanges. By contrast, Canadian cannabis companies — where recreational use of cannabis was legalized in 2018 — are able to list on major stock US exchanges like the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange. Greenbax positions itself as a single destination to connect cannabis-related businesses with compliant partners for a full suite of banking services, business insurance, payroll, in-store ATMs, and lending. Dispensary owners may use working capital — a type of non-dilutive cash loan — to fund short-term operations and daily operating expenses including staff payroll, inventory purchases, rent, cash-flow gaps, and other small business or marketing endeavors. If a cannabis business trades over the counter, it does not need to file regular financial statements, so investors may not know the extent of the risk that they are undertaking. In addition, over-the-counter cannabis businesses are free from minimum market capitalization requirements.

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Cannabis Industry Financials

Research question 3: what does a Certified Public Accountant need to know prior to engaging to service the industry?

  • Fortunately, we have left the era of executives driving cash-stuffed duffle bags to neighboring states’ institutions open for deposit.
  • However, cannabis also has seen slower-than-forecast progress on the legalization front.
  • These two factors highlight the potential upside and the level of uncertainty that exists for marijuana companies.
  • Five Certified Public Accountant participants indicated that they do serve the cannabis industry.
  • Most do not make profits, and hence we have limited our search to companies showing positive and growing sales revenue over the last three years, which is often used as a backup for profit.

Cannabis presented different market opportunities for investors

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Saving Oregon’s Cannabis Industry – Canna Law Blog™.

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Cannabis Industry Financials