Happy birthday, Academy of a Private Investor!

We sincerely congratulate all clients on the birthday of the Academy of a Private Investor! September 15 will mark exactly 11 years since the creation of the company!

We celebrate this festive date with great success. The company is young, energetic, full of strength and has never stopped its dynamic development over the years of its existence.

Over 11 years, we have created the most effective private investor education system and prepared a powerful foundation for the implementation of the bold idea of our founder Andrey Khovratov – to help 1 million people become millionaires and implement the New Economic Evolution of the World.

We congratulate all our customers on this significant date and thank you for your participation and support!

And so that you can continue your education in financial literacy and investing and learn about the results of the past year and further development plans, we invite you to the Business Forum, which will be held online on October 1.


What we will discuss:

  • Transfer of the Academy of a Private Investor to a new jurisdiction.
  • Start of the system of annual validity of certificates with subsequent annual retraining and re-testing. Confirmation of the “Profi-Investor” and “Invest-Advisor” categories will be based on changes in global markets, trends, laws and regulations in the field of investment.
  • Talk about the launch of new courses focused on the practical skills of investors and businessmen.
  • Launch a fellowship of API graduates with live consultations, privileges and a bonus system for participating in the NEEW ecosystem.

Follow the announcements of the event and be sure to come to the meeting if you are interested in progressive development just like our team.


“Remember the date September 15, 2022. On this day you can start writing your new financial success story with API.”

© Author and founder of the Academy of Private Investor Andrey Khovratov